Things to look for when leaving your car at an airport parking and shuttle service


Leaving your car at the airport can be a decision not many people love to make, but sometimes it is inevitable (and far more convenient).


Beyond the challenge of deciding whether it’s worthwhile, the parking lots themselves are often so large that it’s hard to recall when you parked after you return and you’re still feeling that holiday mode in full swing.


However, there are a few precautions you can make to ensure getting back to your vehicle isn’t a painful ordeal. Here’s our pro tips for getting back on the road after a long flight.


Picking your spot wisely

It’s likely you’ll be rushing to get to your gate and feel at ease that you’re ready to go, but taking the time to pick the best spot in the lot is important. Look out for spaces that can be seen from different landmarks around the area. Bus pickup terminals are always a safe bet, so you can utilise it as a bookmark for where you parked.


Take notes

Once you have picked the perfect spot, jot down the most significant points of interest around you. First, examine the make, model and colour of the car either side of your spot; it’s possible one of them will be there when you return. Then, look for the nearest bus pickup location. These are usually marked with a number or colour.


The thousand-word hint

If taking notes isn’t really your thing, take pictures. Snap some of your car, and the ones next to it. This is especially handy if you return to your vehicle to find it damaged. Also take a photo of the bus stop and the surrounds, including something that makes the stop unique and identifiable. Most of them will look the same, so shooting something unusual will help you make it out upon your return.


Help from above

If you really want to ramp things up, invest in a GPS tracker and install it in your car. These small devices are used for checking on the travel routes of vehicles or tracking them when they happen to be stolen. However, they will work just as well in telling you where your car is parked. There are some limitations, though, such as depth – it won’t be able to tell you what level your car is on in a multi-level, but will give you an approximation.


When all else fails – Google it

Google Maps has a function that automatically stores the location of your parked car, once you’ve stopped. If this feature is turned on, all you need to do is open the app, click on the parked location and select directions. Easy.


What are your favourite airport parking tips?