Long term airport parking is not as expensive as you think


If you’re heading off for an extended trip interstate or overseas, it’s cheaper than you think to keep your car in a long-term car park at Melbourne Airport while you’re away. Our secure parking is just five minutes to both domestic and international terminals at Melbourne Airport, so you can get where you need to be in no time flat and save more.


Long-term car parking is the best value option for a low cost, convenient 24-hour secure place to stash your car while you're off having fun. In fact, the longer you stay, the less you’ll pay – and that means more money to spend living it up on your holiday. All you need to do is find your perfect park, unload your bags and catch the shuttle bus for a quick ride to the terminal in time to catch your flight – it runs every day, on demand, all round the clock.


There’s also super convenient drop off spots that let you drop your family off near a bus stop, so they can stow your luggage, enjoy the concourse, and order you a snack while you’re looking for a park.


You can always find the best rates by pre-booking your long-term car parking online well ahead of time. If you book in advance, you’ll get access to super savings, which gives you unlimited changes up to 24 hours before you arrive at the car park. But, don’t forget, you’ll get slugged with a cancellation fee if you change your mind in the day before you fly.  


If you know you’re not the organised type or prefer a little extra flexibility in your life, flexi fares might allow you to change or cancel your booking up to just two hours before your booking date and time. 


And, of course, you can still drive up and park in a long-term car park whenever you choose and still get a great rate. Just check our website before you head off to find a great deal.


You’ll also get added peace of mind knowing your car is safe and sound the entirety of your trip. With a complete range of parking just five minutes from the airport with top notch security making sure it’s looked after, you won’t have to think twice about leaving your car behind or how you’ll get home after your return flight. You could even opt to have your car cleaned – inside and out – so it’s fresh as a daisy by the time you return (why not give your car a treat, too!).


Even though the security is excellent, there’s still a few things to remember when you’re using the long-term car park.


Tip 1. Don't arouse the interest of thieves by leaving visible valuables in your car – a lot of people have access to the parking lot, and it makes sense not to tempt fate.


Tip 2. Also, remember to turn off your lights – that includes interior and glove box lights, too. There's nothing worse than arriving exhausted but happy from a long trip to discover your car battery is dead and you'll need to wait a significant time to get a jump start.


Have a great trip! We’ll see you when you get back.